Reduce your carbon emissions with Ringtail’s LED emergency lighting

The UK Government has set out a target to reduce carbon emissions by 60% by 2050. Currently 30% of the UK’s carbon dioxide emissions are emitted from housing. The government has therefore taken drastic steps to reduce carbon emissions from housing association homes by setting up several schemes. Reducing heat loss and changing light bulbs and fittings are the 2 most significant ways that energy savings can be made in the home.

Ringtail has been designing, manufacturing and supplying professional emergency and amenity lighting equipment for 20 years. Committed to quality, innovation and cutting edge technology, all of Ringtail’s lighting exceeds industry standards.

Made in the UK, Ringtail’s products come with a minimum 3-year warranty and many with a 5-year warranty. Customers choose its LED lighting products due to their reliability and service orientated approach. Ringtail’s LED emergency lighting can help to lower carbon emissions and save energy, helping customers to reduce their carbon footprint.

Studies have shown that nearly half of our carbon footprint is due to electricity, of which 17% is due to lighting alone. The use of electricity is unavoidable, being something
that is necessary to meet our daily requirements.

LED lights consume a small fraction of energy versus traditional lighting, have a much longer lifespan and unlike some light bulbs, do not contain mercury.

Using LED’s in businesses can dramatically reduce the amount of carbon emissions that are produced and released into the atmosphere. In their total lifetime, LED lamps use on average 75% less energy than competing sources.

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