Sustainable Lighting

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We currently face a global challenge in reducing our carbon footprint. In the last 50 years, 30 Billion tonnes of CO2 have been released into the atmosphere from man-made sources. Surplus electricity margins are narrowing & electricity prices are to increase. Many of the UK’s electricity generation plants have closed down due to the EU’s Large Combustion Plant Directive, which aims to see power stations shut down.

Sustainability is a fundamental goal of many businesses and energy efficient lighting is a crucial component of a green future. Lighting contributes around 20% of the world’s electricity consumption, with 75% of that coming from old energy efficient lighting systems. Investment in creating sustainable and energy efficient lighting technology is essential.

Top Tip.. Control LED Luminaires

LED amenity luminaires use less energy than traditional light sources. But have you thought of reducing the energy consumption even further and only having the light on when it is needed. This way you can achieve your energy consumption objectives. This is easily achieved by having occupancy and light sensors control the LED luminaires.