DALI Addressable Lighting

DALI Control PanelUtilising DALI technology, Ringtail can offer both a fully Addressable Emergency Lighting Solution, and also a full range of luminaires that can be incorporated into existing DALI networks and building management systems.

What is DALI?

DALI is an acronym that stands for Digital Addressable Lighting Interface and is a protocol set out in the technical standard IEC 62386. DALI is an international standard set out to guarantee the  compatibility of products from different manufacturers.


After the initial installation there is a legal requirement for the building occupiers, owners and nominated responsible person(s) to ensure that the emergency lighting system within a building is tested and maintained in accordance with BS5266 – Code of practice for emergency lighting of premises.

The associated maintenance and testing labour costs have resulted in the development of fully addressable emergency lighting solutions. These addressable systems perform the necessary scheduled tests in accordance with BS5266, each luminaire then reports back to the central panel or computer with the test results. If there are any malfunctions found with each individual the luminaire, then the specific fault is highlighted at the centralised monitoring point, with the unique address of the luminaire at fault.

These systems have an increased initial cost, but can be heavily justified with short payback periods.

The DALI addressable emergency lighting systems enable a lighting designer or planner to assemble a full addressable system with the advantage of the DALI protocol enabling a mixture of manufacturer’s emergency luminaires on each  addressable system.
DALI Control PanelDALI Control Panel

System Features

  • Touch Screen user interface
  • Intuitive colour coded display of system status
  • 128 DALI addresses via two DALI subnets
  • Intergrated network and power connections
  • Recessed and surface-mount housings supplied
  • Ethernet port for programming and networking
  • Configured using commissioning software
  • Password-protected engineering mode
  • View and print reports using commissioning software
  • Auto power save mode

Most of our Emergency Lights can have DALI functionality added to them here are a few examples