Self Testing Emergency Lighting

BS 5266 states that a function test once a month and a annual full rated duration discharge is performed and logged for all emergency lighting installations.
A stand-alone manual test requires the person responsible for the building to ensure that the test procedure is performed in accordance with BS 5266. This would involve the following.

  • To fail the local mains supply.
  • Check each luminaire is operating in emergency mode and meets the rated duration.
  • Restore the mains supply and check that they are charging.
  • Record all results in a log book.

A emergency light fitted with self testing control gear can take control of some of these actions.

What is SELF TEST?

glass office building

As the name implies an emergency light fitted with self testing control gear will perform the mandatory tests in accordance with national legislation. After a test they will then report back the results via LED indicators and in some cases an audible alarm, all faults will continue to be indicated until they are rectified. Therefore the responsible person for the building has now only to

  • Check the LED status indicators
  • Record the results in a log book

This results in a much less labour intensive testing procedure and a very short payback on the initial cost can be achieved especially if you have a large complex building. If a fault is found by the test the luminaire will identify the type of fault and the system status LED will continue to warn of the fault until a fix has been made.


In addition to the reduced labour required to perform your monthly checks self test luminaires also have the added benefits of.

  • Reduced human error in tests
  • Instantly know when failure has occurred
  • Fault diagnosis identifies any part failure
  • No more delay testing until normal lighting is switched off (outside working hours)

A self test conversion service is also available for a full range of existing fittings, either integral or where required a remote enclosure can be supplied. With a converted mains luminaire the tests are automatically delayed until normal lighting is switched off (outside working hours) to ensure the illumination levels are not affected by the testing procedures.