Recess or Surface Mounted

White High Output LED light source

Status Indicator LED

Open Area or Corridor Lens



The innovative LED emergency downlighter uses one, high-illumination white LED in a 50mm diameter housing.


It is extremely discreet and is available in either white or silver. Its high output light source together with its low power consumption means we can use a smaller battery pack, giving greater energy efficiency.

This discreet recessed downlight is a complete and easy solution for LED emergency applications. Available with a 3 watt LED the X-MRD range is designed to be used as a stand alone unit that is passed through a 40mm cut out. Consisting of a module, battery pack and LED unit these components fit together with the non reversible connectors and are simply passed through the cut out into the void above. This unit is the ultimate in concealed emergency lighting and suitable for incorporation into an emergency lighting system.


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