Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year

From all the staff at Ringtail Lighting we would like to thank you for your business this year and we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Each year, instead of sending out Christmas cards we make a charitable donation to help make a difference to those people in need. This[…]

LED Emergency Lights

Combatting Emergency Lighting Neglect With Self-Testing Luminaires

Despite recent changes to the legal requirements surrounding emergency lighting and the obvious safety benefits, a recent survey has revealed shocking levels of neglect towards emergency lighting installations. Many factors surrounding the installation and maintenance of emergency lighting were found to be insufficient, despite many being mandatory legal requirements and those offending these laws facing[…]

Why Does Glare Matter?

Glare is a visual sensation caused by excessive and uncontrolled brightness. The effects of glare can range from being unnoticeable to being highly disabling and uncomfortable. Glare from a light fixture is referred to as discomfort glare, which triggers the intrinsic desire to look away from the light source, or disability glare, which causes discomfort[…]

2 x 10 Watt LED Emergency Twinspot

LEDs are Safe says EU Report

Energy saving LED lights have revolutionised the market of lighting, offering superior performance to its traditional counterparts: being low energy and environmentally friendly. They have been classed as the best way to reduce electricity demands for residential and commercial lighting.  With the growing use of LED lights, there have been concerns that LED lights might[…]

X-U-MPC Wall mounted Up Arrow Down

What Emergency Lighting does a Hotel Need?

There have been recent revisions to the emergency lighting requirements in the UK British standards BS5266. The new regulations are to bring it in line with the European emergency lighting luminous requirement specification standard BS EN 1838:2013. Facilities managers must review their current installations. Commercial buildings such as hotels are required to undertake regular reviews[…]

Emergency Plan

Being Prepared for an Emergency: The Importance of an Evacuation Plan

All employers, business owners, landlords, occupiers or anyone in control of a premises are all responsible in an emergency. You are known as the ‘Responsible Person’ and if there is more than one of you, you must work together to meet your responsibilities. A responsible person must: Carry out a fire risk assessment of the premises and regularly review it. Inform staff about risks.[…]