LEDs are Safe says EU Report

Energy saving LED lights have revolutionised the market of lighting, offering superior performance to its traditional counterparts: being low energy and environmentally friendly. They have been classed as the best way to reduce electricity demands for residential and commercial lighting.  With the growing use of LED lights, there have been concerns that LED lights might damage people’s eyes, skin and even disrupt sleep. However, a recent report issued has declared LED lights safe.

A European Union committee that specialises in emergency health risks has released the findings of a new report on the potential hazards of LED lighting. The report concluded that there is ‘no evidence of diverse health effects’

Any health risk previously associated with LED lighting have tended to be based on conditions and exposure levels that don’t reflect real life.  The committee did acknowledge ‘low levels of evidence’ that exposure to LED backlit screens late at night can disrupt circadian rhythms, but went on to say that it is not even clear if the apparent effect on people’s sleep was due to the light itself or due to the mental activity involved in using a LED backlit device.

Other LED products studied during the report were virtual reality headsets. It has been said that the LED light source was causing disorientation and nausea, but in actual fact the study concluded that the motion sickness was the cause of these adverse symptoms.

In the past decade LED performance has accelerated dramatically and a wave of new commercial, industrial and institutional LED fixtures have stormed the lighting market. All lighting products are subject to EU energy labelling and eco-design requirements.  LED lighting products will all come with energy labels and information printed on the product. The rating system ranges from ‘A++’ the most efficient, to ‘E’ the least efficient.

So, as we all knew already, LED lights are safe. LED lights once again prove they benefit both our environments and our wallets!

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