LED Conversions


Modern Low Voltage LED Luminaire Conversion Pack

With the increase in capability and popularity of LED light units Ringtail can now provide LED conversion packs to power these in emergency mode. Most LED luminaires use an external driver to power the actual LED, these low voltage drivers need special conversion packs to power it in emergency mode for the full 3 hour duration. We have provided you with two such packs that will solve your LED lamp emergency problems. Consisting of a high temperature Nickel Cadmium (NiCd) or Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) battery pack and converter / charger module these two units either provide constant current or constant voltage to your LED light fittings. As per traditional low voltage emergency conversions the LED conversion packs are designed to pass through the cut out of the LED in most circumstances.

LED/LV/CC – Constant Current
Using dc-dc switcher circuitry this range provides a constant current output (CC) for use with current controlled LEDs. The ballast lumen factor is proportional to LED current, and constant throughout battery discharge. E.G. 300mA is 300/350 = 85% for a 1 watt LED.

Which pack to choose?
The LED driver should indicate the details required to enable the selection of the correct conversion. If there is a single current rating (E.G. 700 mA) then you will need a constant current pack. If there is a single voltage rating (E.G. 12V dc) then you will need a constant voltage pack. If the voltage is shown as a range, E.G. 3-12V, the voltage is variable and therefore the current must be constant.


To power modern mains powered LED lights into emergency.

Designed to suit a range of mains voltage lamps ranging from GU10 to new LED light fittings, these conversion boxes will provide 100% BLF emergency power. Designed in two versions, either a fully enclosed housing for larger power requirements or split packs to be installed through the fitting aperture.

Although most lamps will operate on DC please check that your lamp, especially new LED fittings, will accept this.